We are taking a leading role to reach out to disadvantage ethnic minority group in Hull and East Riding who are adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our programme will support priority groups who have experienced mental health challenges through mindful therapy. Contact us to benefit from any of our services to include;

Not Alone: Are you going through some crises, difficulties or COVID-19 Experiences? Do you feel isolated, bereaved, moody, cant sleep or anxious?

Food Parcel: Share your experiences and benefit from our free give away food parcel

Social Wellbeing: You can benefit from our range of social drop-in / On-line activities to include music, catering, family day, taster food and outdoor events.

Experienced Staff:

Our staff are qualified public health practitioner, nurse, social worker and healthcare support workers.

Contact Us:

We may be able to spend sometime with you on the phone, pay you a visit and help with referral if needed. Contact us on 07988826554.