Creative Vibez Studio

Creative Vibez Studio is equipped to offer disadvantaged young people and emerging artists the opportunity to get creative and produce their own music. You will  have access to a music recording studio with instrumentals to get started with your music career. We understand that sometimes, you may require a studio artists or mentor to provide necessary help. We are working with diverse artists who are able to offer necessary help as required.

Are you consiA3 Poster CV (2)dering building your career in music and need a place to test your skills.

Do you require help to arrange, mix, record and produce your own music.

Do you require help with vocal, song-writing, creativity and learning.

Do you need a place to get started, rehearse and use various instrumentals.

You will need to book an appointment to use the studio, feel free to contact us for further information.


Funded By:

The Foyle Foundation