How To Apply

We are introducing ‘Young Talent Club’ in preparation for this year talent event so as explore ways to engage productively with young people. Contact us to register your interest:

Young Talent Club

Hull Talent Show 2020:

Due to uncertainty in the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are adapting a new way to make this year event possible. We shall keep you informed with new date of event.  Application is free, however, our terms and condition remain the same (please read through). Feel free to contact us for details.


How To Apply:

To apply, download & complete the application form from the link below or simply send us an email to


You are in control of whatever you wish to perform. You have up to 5 minutes to showcase your first art and 3 minutes to showcase your second art at final stage.


Feel free to contact us for more information if required.

Everybody is a winner when it come to Hull Talent Show. Its about taking part and building your confidence. It open to everyone no matter your status and circumstances and you can express your creativity in a unique way no matter your ethnicity. If you have maintain consistency in taking part, you are likely to be selected for an award (STAR AWARD) so your effort and talents is well appreciated.

Hull Talent Show 2019:

This year will be awesome, a special moment in Hull to celebrate young talents expressing their creativity in a unique way. Live, fun & entertainment show of the year and for you to enjoy diversity taster cuisine. Its child friendly, what a fantastic show for all age group bringing families and friends together. Come and let us enjoy positive music vibez and performances.

We cannot bargain for less, the gate fee is free, there is a price to pay if you come late (Money raised will support the development of this charity project). If you wish to perform, please complete the attached application form and feel free to apply as a Guest Artist. (Find application below). We have limited space, please apply ASAP.

Do you know you can support this creative project as a sponsor or as a volunteer? You may contact us if you require further information, please contact us: / 07988826554.

Please note, the £500 allocation is mainly to help participants personal development with mentoring, music or video production using our studio resources @ CREATIVE VIBZ STUDIO..

How To Apply:

You may apply as a Singer, Rapper, Dancer, Street Dancer, Comedian, Magician, Stage Painting, e.t.c. You are advise to apply early and don’t wait until the last minute because we have the right to withdraw or stop further applications once we have enough participants. Below is postal from last year.

Click Here to  Download Application Form

Apply and perform in two easy steps:
Step 1:
Download, Complete and Return your application form ASAP under any of the following categories:

Application Categories:

1. Talent Artist: You are interested in the winning price, so you want to showcase your art to take part in the competition. £10 is applicable in this category. However, feel free to contact us if you cannot afford the fee, especially if you are unemployed or economically inactive.

2. Guest Artist: You are not interested in the winning price, but just like to showcase your art as an artist. Application is free in this category and mostly applicable to professional artists.

3. Display Artist: You are inspired and you want to display your art-work for audience to score you a point. Application is free in this category.
Step 2:
You are in control of whatever you wish to perform. You have up to 5 minutes to showcase your first art and 3 minutes to showcase your second art at final stage.


133 Spring Bank HU3 1BL, or 07988826554

Details of panel, guest artist and speakers will be available soon! Be part of this huge celebration, first of its kind in Hull.