Client Testimonials

We greatly value your feedback. Please contact us if you’d like to comment on the service that you have received at Best Hope. Below is a selection of testimonials from past clients.

This really has benefit me as I have now got a wider chance of getting a job in food. Everyone made me feel very welcome and were very helpful for me, I performed a cook off and everyone loved my Chinese prawn stir fry and I’m very proud of myself.

Sarah Carter, Anlaby

My experience with this organisation is very rewarding. I got a recommendation from a friend and I visited the organisation. I got tailored skills training, work experience, supervision and hands on experience. I have never worked in all my life but amazingly today I am working full time now. Thank you for your help and support.

Natasha, Hull

The training given by Best Hope was really helpful for me to acquire the necessary skills and experience required to work in the real job. It helped me to gain professionalism and I would like to add that the training helped me to gain lots of confidence, ability to work with people and helped me to get a job. Finally I would like to say that Augustus is a very kind, hard working man who is passionate about his profession and he also expects us to be passionate about the job. I really enjoyed working with Best Hope.

MD Saquib Khan, Hull

I am excited with the successful completion of my course which I have received from Best Hope. The course did not only provide me an in-depth knowledge about the course but also comprised of the essential training that I would need in the world of work. I have now been offered a job as a customer service advisor in my chosen field.

James, Hull

my first day at best hope office i was really nervous but know i no more i learned that every business has confidentiality and i learned how to keep track on task activities i believe this will help me in the future to prepare me for jobs and have a head start in life.

Jessie, Hull

The first time I came to Best Hope, I was nervous and did not know anyone. But as the days go by I learned how to use the photocopier, and made phone calls and answered them. These 5 days of work experience at Best Hope was the best. And they made me feel welcome. I believe that this experience will benefit me in the future.

Tessie, Hull

I had a very good experience on my training and other people I meet where all nice people. I am more confidence to apply for job because it was hand on experience for me. The supervision was tailored towards my need, thank you Best Hope for the great opportunity.

Charles, Hull

I would rate the training/courses10 out of 10 and would highly recommend to others, the trainer managed to get excellent group interaction right from the beginning, the course was interesting, informative and very well presented. In spite of all this, it has earned me a good job as a customer service representative.

James England

The experience and skills I gained from Best Hope CIC have exceeded all my expectations and have poised me towards contributing more on my new job.


I run an activity group for over 65s to encourage them to get out of the house, avoid isolation and have fun. Augustus and his musical group visited us yesterday and we enjoyed their music immensely! Everyone joined in, even the quiet shy ones and we were speaking about it for a long time afterwards. Everyone seemed very happy and we will be inviting Augustus back to play for us next year, hopefully for longer. Thank you all. Am happy to promote these nice guys to similar organisations in my area.

Lynne Oliver, Anlaby Park, Hull

offers basic training for becoming a careworker.

has various work patterns

standard of basic opportunities are available.

give me the experience needed to further myself.

David Dale, Hull

Dear Augustus, I know you are good people, and you do very fantastic job with best hope group, and i am sure, you will do all you can to help people in this way, thank you for you honestness and short friendship with me, my time come to go home back to Lithuania, many reasons for, but you keep going help people, and praise for this will waiting for you . God bless you!

Ainaras Luste

Best Hope has contributed immensely toward improving my skills as a job seeker, having participated in one of their workshops. I did learn a lot which has helped me find a new job.