Training, Mentoring and Skill Development

Personal development is paramount for the individual seeking to fulfill their potential; more so for the individual who feels this fulfillment lies beyond his or her reach. At Best Hope, we exist to lend that helping hand, and welcome anyone seeking our help to achieve their dreams. Help from experienced advisers or individuals outstanding in their occupation or character will be given to individuals who approach us. We assist people with:

  • Sector Specific Training for individuals who feel their experience in a particular sector is lacking. We help individuals to access training within their desired occupational sector.
  • Work Experience Training for individuals looking to kick-start their career. Employers often seek out individuals with experience that would fit in right away at their organisation. We train individuals, giving them a much needed feel for the business environment, helping them to lose their greenhorns and enabling them to gain the experience they need to interact with prospective colleagues, customers and other parties in any workplace.
  • CV Writing Assistance for individuals looking for guidance with composing a curriculum vitae or resume that summarily describes their abilities, experience, qualifications and skills. This is for people who need to learn the basic points about what to include, and just as important, what to exclude; which potent points will help sell them to employers, and how to compose a CV relevant to the job being applied for.
  • Job Search Assistance for people having difficulty finding the appropriate vacancies to suit their career aspirations, or for individuals who are seeking to change the direction of their career. Best Hope will advise clients and guide them towards relevant resources and opportunities, alongside assisting them in their search.
  • Filling  Application Forms can be a more arduous task than it first appears. Supplying the appropriate information to the relevant party successfully requires acumen, which we at Best Hope are willing to offer individuals. There is no such thing as an irrelevant application and we will ensure  that  clients have the skills and knowledge to confidently complete any application process.
  • Interview Skills are an essential part of the job application process and yet they rarely come naturally. Individuals need to have the ability to communicate effectively with prospective employers, in order to convince them that they are the perfect candidate for the position.  At Best Hope, we educate individuals on the basic etiquette of interviews, the subtleties of body language, and the importance of being conscious of language employed.
  • Presentation Skills for individuals looking for ways to improve their communication in corporate settings. The  art of presentation is essential for an individuals in business environments as an effective means of communicating ideas, concepts and practices. At Best Hope, we train individuals to hone their presentation skills, and offer the opportunity to practice with other participants in a supportive environment.
  • Confidence  Building for individuals who need a boost to their self-esteem in order for them to fully interact with family, friends, colleagues and make the most of the opportunities available in the community. Self confidence and a sense of self worth is paramount for the well-being of any individual, and in turn, gains in this area mean that individuals are more willing and able to contribute more to the community. Individuals looking for personal help can approach us at Best Hope for non-judgmental support and guidance.
  • Volunteering  for individuals hoping to contribute to the community without any expectation of any reward, but just looking for the chance to help and improve their immediate environment and the community.